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Department of Politics, Princeton University

Long considered one of the top departments in the country, we are now one of the largest and most intellectually diverse political science programs in the world. Our faculty includes nearly 60 scholars whose research and interests span the discipline. Although our Department is one of the Universityís largest, we maintain small classes for undergraduates. Courses include basic training as well as high-level engagement with work at the frontiers of political science. Our concentrators work closely with faculty members to write their junior papers and senior theses. The graduate program, which has entered into an exciting period of expansion, offers state-of-the-art technical training alongside more traditional instruction in the study of politics. We aim to produce scholars who are well-equipped to wrestle with the enduring questions of political life. Princetonís rich resources support advanced research. Students and faculty in the department also participate in a wide range of seminars and colloquia, making for a vibrant intellectual community.

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