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Timewise Foundation (UK)

Our vision is for everyone to be able to find the flexibility they need in their careers, without reducing their value in the workplace. Our approach is to effect practical change for individual people one job at a time. We work in these ways: We operate a jobsite and a recruitment agency, Timewise Jobs and Timewise Recruitment, specialising in quality part time and flexible vacancies, for anyone needing to fit work around their other commitments. We run Women Like Us, a service that offers career support to women who want to find quality work they can fit around their family responsibilities. There is a particular focus on women from low income households, who can access free support. The Timewise Foundation also shares our learning with policy makers, opinion formers and employer networks. This public affairs work promotes the social and business benefits of quality part time and flexible work, aiming to influence both the mainstream recruitment market and public policy.

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