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Europe and the Gulf have a number of common interests, ranging from trade, energy and climate change, to education, culture and communications. The European Union (EU) and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) remain committed to promoting these mutual interests and to reinforcing their cooperation. This two-year project explores how to promote EU-GCC relations by carrying out policy-oriented research, dissemination/outreach and training activities in a comprehensive and synergetic framework. The overall goal is to enhance understanding and cooperation between the EU and the GCC, focusing on the key strategic areas identified in the Joint Action Programme of 2010. The main objectives of this project are: • promoting public awareness of the EU among socio-political stakeholders and citizens in the GCC countries and their engagement with the EU; • establishing closer links among EU and GCC research and academic institutions; • advancing policy-oriented research and debate over the current state of EU-GCC relations by identifying the major challenges facing them and proposing effective mechanisms to deepen EU-GCC cooperation. A key goal is to identify new areas of cooperation beyond those of the Joint Action Programme, notably by enhancing political dialogue and undertaking initiatives aimed at creating new links between the respective civil societies.

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