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Directorate-General for External Policies (EU)

The Directorate-General for External Policies of the Union is responsible for organising the work of Parliament's committees and interparliamentary delegations in the field of external policies. Its main tasks are: Ensuring the smooth running of the Parliamentary Committees in the field of Foreign Affairs, Human Rights, Security and Defence, as well as Development and International Trade. Supporting the work of the Interparliamentary Delegations and regional multilateral Assemblies Providing professional support and advice to the Chairs of these bodies, in the exercise of their duties Planning, organising and following-up EP election observation missions, including assistance to the Election Coordination Group Assisting a range of other bodies, working groups, ad hoc delegations et al Providing expertise in external relations to parliamentary bodies and Parliament's President Facilitating initiatives for dialogue and support to new and emerging democracies Cooperating closely with the European Commission and the Council, including the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice President of the European Commission

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