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Riots Communities and Victims Panel (UK)

When conducting our work, we will: • Be independent. We are drawn from across the political spectrum and will be entirely independent from government. • Report without fear or favour. We will draw conclusions and recommendations firmly based on evidence, including - if necessary - recommendations for government as well as other organisations. • Be open. We will be as open as possible unless there is a good reason not to (for example victim confidentiality). • Learn from others. It is important that everyone’s voice is heard - that is why we made a national call for evidence. We have met communities and businesses all over the country. Evidence can also be sent in by email. • And will conduct analysis based on the evidence. As well as the views of those affected by the riots, we will also consider academic research, statistical data and other reports to gain a full and informed picture. Our work is looking at: • the motivation for a small minority of people to take part in riots; • why the riots happened in some areas and not others; • how key public services engaged with communities before, during and after the riots; • what motivated local people to come together to take civic action to resist riots in their area or to clean up after riots had taken place; • how communities can be made more socially and economically resilient in the future, in order to prevent future problems; and • what they think could have been done differently to prevent or manage the riots.

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