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St. Paul's Institute (UK)

St Paulís Institute exists to engage the financial world with questions of morality and ethics. In doing this, the Institute seeks to recapture the Cathedralís ancient role as a centre for public debate, contributing to the current discussion surrounding the direction of our financial, corporate and economic institutions. The work of the Institute consists of professional seminars, public lectures and debates, an online video and article resource, as well as the production of analytical reports that deal with topics particularly relevant to values of financial and economic integrity. We also seek to support and highlight the work of similar organisations, with the overall goal being the creation of a space for open and rigorous dialogue on some of the most pertinent social issues of our times. St Paulís Institute is a part of the wider mission of St Paulís Cathedral.The cathedral does not necessarily share the views of all of those who contribute to the web site or event programmes. Rather, the cathedral supports and endorses the Institute as a space in which this important discussion can occur.

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