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Trust for London

We are an independent charitable trust which exists to help deal with these issues. We aim to enable and empower Londoners to tackle poverty and inequality, and their root causes, and to ensure that our funds reach those most in need. We achieve this by funding charitable work. We make grants through our open programme and we also fund special initiatives. We aim to develop supportive relationships with the community and voluntary organisations that we fund and to encourage the sharing of learning and skills. Where it is relevant and appropriate we use this knowledge to influence and promote change and work with other organisations to achieve this. As a progressive funder, we are particularly interested in work that is viewed as challenging and we are willing to take risks. One of our longstanding principles is to support activities which government agencies will not or are unlikely to fund. We also want to make sure that we are able to respond to new issues and ideas and find creative ways of tackling deep-rooted problems relating to poverty and inequality. We use our knowledge, reputation and other resources to achieve this.

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