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Reform Institute for Campaign and Election Issues

The Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) educational organization dedicated to advancing a solutions-based reform agenda. The Institute recognizes that resolving the most intractable problems confronting our society will require fundamental reform to the core of our democratic system. Such an agenda includes promoting open and fair elections, reducing the influence of special interests in our politics, and encouraging a political discourse that rises above blatant partisanship. The health of a free society can be measured by the willingness of ordinary people to take an active role in the nation?s democratic institutions and the extent by which elected officials conduct the government?s business with transparency and accountability. What began as a campaign finance reform organization has grown into a multi-issue think tank that champions the national interest by formulating and advocating meaningful reform in vital areas of public policy, including campaign finance and election reform, energy and climate stewardship, homeland security, immigration reform and economic policy.

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