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Tuesday, 24th November 2015

UK: National Security Strategy and Strategic Defence and Security Review 2015

Source: Ministry of Defence via GOV.UK

From Our Vision:

• We will strengthen our Armed Forces and our security and intelligence agencies so that they remain world-leading. They project our power globally, and will fight and work alongside our close allies, including the US and France, to deter or defeat our adversaries.

• We will further enhance our position as the world’s leading soft power promoting our values and interests globally, with our world-class Diplomatic Service, commitment to overseas development, and institutions such as the BBC World Service and the British Council.

• We will invest more in our current alliances including NATO, build stronger relationships with growing powers, and work to bring past adversaries in from the cold.

• We will strengthen our domestic resilience and law enforcement capabilities against global challenges which increasingly affect our people, communities and businesses.

In particular, over the next five years our priorities will be to:

• Tackle terrorism head-on at home and abroad in a tough and comprehensive way, counter extremism and challenge the poisonous ideologies that feed it. We will remain a world leader in cyber security. We will deter state-based threats. We will respond to crises rapidly and effectively and build resilience at home and abroad.

• Help strengthen the rules-based international order and its institutions, encouraging reform to enable further participation of growing powers. We will work with our partners to reduce conflict, and to promote stability, good governance and human rights.

• Promote our prosperity, expanding our economic relationship with growing powers such as India and China, helping to build global prosperity, investing in innovation and skills, and supporting UK defence and security exports.

+ Direct link to document (PDF; 1.4 MB)



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