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Friday, 28th October 2011

What We Bought: Defense Procurement from FY01 to FY10

From the Stimson Center:

From the publication web page:

Prevailing wisdom on defense spending in the past decade asserts that despite the large amount spent, we did not modernize our weapons systems. In reality, the military services did take advantage of increased procurement funding to modernize their forces, although not always as expected. This paper analyzes procurement funding of the last decade and demonstrates that though each of the services has followed a different approach in allocating these funds, they share a similar result: the services capitalized on funding to modernize their forces, especially the major weapons programs that constitute the heart of the services' capabilities.

+ Link to full report (PDF; 493 KB)



Peggy Garvin, of Garvin Information Consulting, is the author of United States Government Internet Directory (Bernan Press) and Real World Research Skills, 2009 (TheCapitol.Net). In her 20 years in the information business, Peggy has managed electronic information products and services in a variety of environments, including commercial publishing, e-commerce, law firms, and the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress. Peggy's work has been recognized with the 2011 SLA Dow Jones Leadership Award. She has a Masters of Library Science degree from Syracuse University School of Information Studies.

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