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Saturday, 18th December 2010

Turkey’s Role and Priorities in Enhancement of Security of Oil and Gas Supplies

Turkey’s Role and Priorities in Enhancement of Security of Oil and Gas Supplies
Source: SETA

Diversification of imports in terms of sources, routes and technologies has been an important policy tool in order to improve energy security in general. Turkey has already achieved diversification to some extent in its gas supplies, evidenced by the number of pipelines and LNG options.

Geographically located in close proximity to hydrocarbon-rich regions, Turkey forms a natural energy corridor between important source countries and big consumer markets, and stands as a key country in ensuring global energy security through diversification of supply sources and routes.

Within this context, some major pipeline projects have already been realized and some others have been projected. These projects aim to contribute to regional and global energy security while strengthening Turkey’s role more as an energy player. It is widely acknowledged that Turkey offers most viable routes for safe and uninterrupted flow of hydrocarbon sources to the world markets.

Strengthening the electricity transmission grid in parallel to the expansion of the generation infrastructure is also an integral part of the Turkish electricity security policy.

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