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Thursday, 15th July 2010

Arab Image in Turkey

Arab Image in Turkey
Source: SETA

Myths, stereotypes, prejudices and images increasingly exert their influence in international politics and transnational relations. Socially and politically constructed myths and stereotypes about the “others” are being re-produced and re-circulated by the forces of globalization and used to legitimize policy options more than ever. In this context, increasing role of the public opinion and popular choices are being paid a special attention as “images” become invisible actors in the international environment and in the making of alliances based on social, political and cultural approximation among the nation states. Growing use of myths, stereotypes, prejudices and images, whether historically rooted or recently constructed, in political and popular discourse, which is facilitated by the media and educational material, requires a closer attention. Derived from these considerations, this Policy Report focuses on the image of Arabs in modern Turkey. It explores the roots of prevailing and dominant perceptions, investigates how the media and popular culture contribute to the construction of images pertaining to Arabs and examines the current public opinion drawing upon a nation-wide survey.

+ Direct link to Report (PDF; 2.2 MB)



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