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Friday, 11th June 2010

The Afghan War: Metrics, Narratives, and Winning the War

The Afghan War: Metrics, Narratives, and Winning the War
Source: Center for Strategic & International Studies (via Human Security Report Project)

No one approach to providing the proper mix of metrics and narratives in analyzing, fighting, and reporting on the Afghan conflict is “right,” and no unclassified, outside analysis cannot assess the fully range of what the US, ISAF, and allied countries are already doing. Moreover, the tasks involved include trying to deal with multiple “centers of gravity” in which US civil-military splits, other divisions within a 46-country alliance, problems in GIRoA, the fact this is both an Afghan and Pakistan conflict, and a foreign aid effort which is often decoupled from the reality that Afghanistan is at war all combine to vastly complicate the problems in providing an adequate mix of narratives and metrics. Accordingly, the Burke Chair has developed a report that focuses on the full range of problems in the reporting and metrics the author saw in a recent trip to Afghanistan, and has seen in US, ISAF, UN, and other reporting over the last eight years.

+ Full Report (PDF)



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