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Tuesday, 15th June 2010

Weathering the Storm

Weathering the Storm (PDF)
Source: The Young Foundation
From Introduction:

Solid relationships with family and friends make people better able to cope with major life-changing events such as bereavement and mental illness according to a new report from the Young Foundation.

We call on policy makers and front line service providers to give greater support and recognition to the importance of social networks and the support they provide in helping people get through difficult times.

Weathering the Storm draws on in-depth interviews with people who have recently experienced life-changing ‘transitions' - including bereavement, leaving prison, leaving mental care and escaping abusive relationships.

Using evidence provided by the case studies and wider analysis, the report has found the existence of a ‘social network divide' between those with strong family, friendship and community ties that help them through tough times and periods of transitions and those lacking these supports. The report shows that when people experience a crisis or a change, their ability to come through it positively - is overwhelmingly down to the strength of the social support they have - such as friends, family and support groups.

However, the report argues that there is a huge under-acknowledgement of this ‘social network divide' by policy makers and service providers.



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