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Friday, 17th July 2009

Accelerating Smart Grid Investments

Accelerating Smart Grid Investments
Source: World Economic Forum
From press release:

Accelerating Smart Grid Investments, a new World Economic Forum report developed with Accenture and industry experts, sets out how smart grids can be the backbone infrastructure for tomorrow’s energy solutions and green economy. The world’s electricity systems are increasingly outdated and coming under pressure in the face of rising demand, climate change and the advent of transformative technologies. Smart grids have been hailed as a key to sustainably meeting emerging energy needs in a new age where clean energy is at a premium, networks require flexibility to incorporate renewable energy and customers’ demands for greater transparency and control over their consumption are growing.

The report explains how smart grid technology brings together the advancements in the information technology and telecommunications sectors – sensing, computing and communications – to deliver a more resilient, more efficient and lower-carbon electricity system. Smart grids can enable:

  • New energy management services and tariff structures, enhancing the way utility companies manage their assets and offer consumer-relevant products and services
  • Empowerment of consumers to take greater control of their energy consumption
  • Integration of more renewable energy into the electricity system
  • Electric vehicle infrastructure on a large scale
  • Building energy efficiency into the system, from generation to end use



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