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Thursday, 7th May 2009

State Climate Policy Tracker Reveals Progress by 33 States

State Climate Policy Tracker Reveals Progress by 33 States
Source: New America Foundation

he New America Foundation's Climate Policy Program team today released an online tool that allows state-by-state tracking of hundreds of carbon and energy saving measures now being implemented across the country.

The State Climate Policy Tracker takes the form of a single spreadsheet with one tab devoted to each state that has completed or is in the process of completing a climate action plan. A seven column matrix captures the climate actions taking place across six economic sectors, and reports on the progress of each measure, its cost or cost-saving potential, and the estimated reduction in carbon emissions expected on an annual basis.

"Examine the Policy Tracker and you see that US states - many with economies the size of nations - have shown leadership on climate action, but it hasn't been sufficiently appreciated," said Climate Policy Program Director Terry Tamminen. "We expect the Policy Tracker will be extremely useful to policymakers in the White House and on Capitol Hill, to staff at EPA, Energy, Interior, Agriculture and other federal agencies, as well as for other nations preparing for Copenhagen, to see what's working in real time."

The Policy Tracker was compiled from publicly available information. Since 2006, 33 U.S. states have created climate action blueprints to guide greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions efforts. These blueprints, often guided by a reduction target, contain on average 50 policy recommendations, and states have already started to implement many of them. The Policy Tracker provides a snapshot of where things stand, state-by-state.



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