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Monday, 10th November 2008

Mid-Life Suicide: An Increasing Problem in U.S. Whites, 1999 2005

Mid-Life Suicide: An Increasing Problem in U.S. Whites, 1999 2005 (PDF; 678 KB)
Source: American Journal of Preventive Medicine

The suicide rate increased after 1999, due primarily to an increase in suicide among whites aged 40 64 years, whose rate of completed suicide between 1999 and 2005 rose by 2.7% annually for men and by 3.9% annually for women, with increases of 6.3% and 2.3% for hanging/suffocation, 2.8% and 19.3% for poisoning, and 1.5% and 1.9% for ?rearms for men and women, respectively. Rates did not increase for other age or racial groups.

The differential increases by age, race, gender, and method underscore a change in the epidemiology of suicide. Whites aged 40 64 years have recently emerged as a new high-risk group for suicide. Although ?rearms remain the most common method of suicide, the notable increases in suicide by hanging/suffocation in men and by poisoning in women deserve preventive attention.



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