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Thursday, 16th October 2008

Meeting the Challenge: U.S. Policy Toward Iranian Nuclear Development

Meeting the Challenge: U.S. Policy Toward Iranian Nuclear Development (PDF; 3.2 MB)
Source: Bipartisan Policy Center

The development of nuclear weapons capability by the Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the most critical national security challenges facing the United States. Over the past months, we co-chaired a bipartisan group charged with reaching consensus on a set of recommendations for U.S. policy toward the Islamic Republicís nuclear development. The group was convened by the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC), a new institution in Washington devoted to crafting prudent policy solutions to complex problems and, then, working to implement them. In the years we have spent in government, we learned that matters of such grave national importance must be met with thorough analysis, sober deliberation, and bipartisan cooperation.

After much deliberation, we have arrived at a series of findings and policy recommendations that we believe to be realistic, prudent and comprehensive. We have also elected to include a primer on the complex historical, political, social, economic, military, legal and technological issues that underlie and influence the current situation. We present this report to help inform public opinion, provide a comprehensive source of information for policymakers, advise the next president and his administration, and, above all else, avoid what we believe would be a strategically transformative eventóIranian acquisition of nuclear weapons capability.

Hat tip: Combined Arms Research Library



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