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Sunday, 28th September 2008

Closing Guantánamo: From Bumper Sticker to Blueprint

Closing Guantánamo: From Bumper Sticker to Blueprint
Source: Center for Strategic & International Studies

During his first week in office, the next president should announce the date for closure of Guantánamo as a detention facility in conjunction with announcing the establishment of a new policy. Implementation of this new policy would be charged to a blue-ribbon panel of eminent Americans tasked to review the files on all remaining Guantánamo detainees. The duties of the panel would include categorizing all detainees to be released or transferred to the custody of another government or, alternatively, to be held for prosecution in the U.S. criminal justice system, whose record in international terrorism cases far outshines that of the Guantánamo military commissions. Since 2001, the U.S. criminal justice system has convicted 145 terrorist suspects, whereas the military commissions, thus far, have only convicted two. Overall, this straightforward policy—R2T2 —can help restore our reputation as a country that is built on and embraces the rule of law.

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