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Thursday, 28th February 2008

New Research Finds Stronger Charter Laws in States with Large Hispanic and College-Educated Populations

New Research Finds Stronger Charter Laws in States with Large Hispanic and College-Educated Populations
Source: Hoover Institution

States with large Hispanic populations and high numbers of college-educated adults are more likely to pass supportive charter school legislation, as are states with weak academic performance as measured by students’ SAT scores, find economists Christiana Stoddard of Montana State University and Sean Corcoran of New York University in the new issue of Education Next (spring 2008). They also find that the size of a state’s African-American population and high school dropout rates are strongly associated with increased enrollment in charter schools.

According to Stoddard and Corcoran’s research, states with an Hispanic population that is 14 percent higher than the average are about 10 percent more likely to pass a strong charter law (as measured by the Center for Education Reform’s charter school law strength index). In addition, they found that a 12.1 percent increase in a state’s African American population is associated with roughly a 2 percent increase in charter school enrollment, in effect, double the charter school enrollment in the average state. Strong charter laws also appear earlier in those states in which the percentage of adults with at least a college education is higher than average.

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