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Tuesday, 3rd July 2007

Fact Sheet: The Impact of Justices Roberts and Alito on the Bench

Fact Sheet: The Impact of Justices Roberts and Alito on the Bench
Source: Alliance for Justice

The American people deserve fair courts and independent judges that help ensure the protection of vital rights and freedoms. Instead, what they have gotten from President Bush is appointments of ultra-conservative judges who have rolled back the progress of recent decades in protecting individual liberties and fundamental constitutional rights.

When President Bush had the opportunity to nominate Supreme Court justices, he selected two who had records that raised serious questions about their ability to be independent and concerns about their lack of respect for individual liberties and rights. Justices Alito and Roberts have done nothing to disappoint the president who appointed them. Now, after their second term on the Court, the confirmations of John Roberts and Samuel Alito show how critical it is for senators to understand the implications of confirming judges whose records demonstrate that they will move the law sharply to the right.

A review of the decisions issued during the 2006-2007 Supreme Court term expands on what we saw in the 2005-2006 term – a lack of respect for precedent, a rolling back of numerous constitutional protections, and Supreme Court justices ignoring the promises they made at their Senate hearings and, instead, following their records on key issues ranging from abortion to environmental protection to First Amendment rights.



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