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Friday, 1st June 2007

Index of Global Philanthropy 2007

Index of Global Philanthropy 2007 (PDF; 2.3 MB)
Source: Hudson Institute

The new age donors are hands-on. They want to participate directly in the design, operation, and measurement of their endeavors. They want to see results and create real and lasting partnerships with people and institutions overseas. As Dr. Susan Raymond, senior managing director of Changing Our World, a philanthropy consult- ing company, points out, "We are beginning to understand that old categories of com- merce, capitalism, and philanthropy do not serve the new generation." In the corporate world, companies are making philanthropy their business. The growing number of donors for foreign assistance--with governments now in the minority--have reshaped the landscape of traditional foreign aid. In this sea of global giving float great opportu- nities for even the poorest of developing countries.

The 2007 Index of Global Philanthropy explores this new trend along with traditional public and private donors, looks at private investment overseas, and compares the effi- ciency of U.S. government foreign aid with that of private philanthropy. This second edition of the Index also includes pioneering data and trends in European private giving. While giving data are nowhere near as fully studied as those in the U.S., there is growing interest in measuring Europe's philanthropic flows more carefully. The 2007 Index presents comparative private giving, remittances data, and government aid for the 22 donor coun- tries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.



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