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Monday, 16th April 2007

Frontloading the Primaries: A Silver Lining—Latinos Get a Vote

Frontloading the Primaries: A Silver Lining—Latinos Get a Vote (PDF; 288 KB)
Source: The Century Foundation
From press release:

The rush by as many as twenty-three states to hold their primaries by February 5, 2008, has been widely criticized as too heavily favoring well financed candidates with high name recognition. While the concerns about the adverse effects of extreme “frontloading” on the democratic process are both legitimate and troublesome, there could be a silver lining. The trend could give urban and minority voters—particularly Latinos—a bigger say in the selection of presidential nominees for both parties.

In “Frontloading the Primaries: A Silver Lining—Latinos Get a Vote,” a new issue brief from The Century Foundation, Democracy Fellow and election reform expert Tova Wang examines the important role that Latinos could—for the first time—play in the early primaries being held in a large number of states. According to the report, six of the states that are expected to have nominating contests on or before February 5—Nevada , California , New Mexico , New Jersey , Texas , and New York —all have among the largest Latino populations in the country. Historically low participation rates in primary contests overall increase the potential impact Latino voters could have. A greater number of Latino voters participating in early primaries could not only affect the outcomes, but also the topics the candidates focus on, including wage and labor issues, education and immigration reform.



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