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Wednesday, 14th February 2007

Africa Action Talking Points on How to Stop Genocide in Darfur, Sudan

Africa Action Talking Points on How to Stop Genocide in Darfur, Sudan
Source: Africa Action

What the U.S. Should Do:

  • As the genocide continues in Darfur, the U.S. must use its leverage with the government of Sudan to overcome its opposition and pave the way for the deployment of an international peacekeeping force for Darfur.
  • At the UN Security Council, the U.S. must take the lead in ensuring the rapid deployment of a peacekeeping mission to Darfur. The U.S. must expend the necessary diplomatic capital to overcome any Chinese and Russian objections, and to galvanize international action to protect the people of Darfur.
  • Many UN member states remain skeptical about U.S. intentions given its un-sanctioned intervention in Iraq, and Khartoum continues to manipulate these suspicions. But the U.S. must convince the members of the UN Security Council that the genocide in Darfur requires urgent international action to protect the people of Darfur.
  • If Khartoum’s consent cannot be achieved, the U.S. must assert leadership in the international community to identify the nature and composition of a peacekeeping force that can implement Resolution 1706 and protect civilians in Darfur.
  • More than, twelve years ago, the U.S. blocked UN action as genocide unfolded in Rwanda. Now, the Bush Administration faces growing public pressure for action to stop the genocide in Darfur. By achieving the deployment of a UN peacekeeping mission in Darfur, the U.S. would demonstrate its commitment to protecting the people of Darfur and fulfill those calls for leadership in the face of the first genocide of the 21st century.



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