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Tuesday, 30th January 2007

Siting Nuclear Power Plants in Australia: Where would they go?

Siting Nuclear Power Plants in Australia: Where would they go? (PDF; 132 KB)
Source: Australia Institute

If the Federal Government decided to promote the establishment of a nuclear energy industry in Australia, the siting of the power plants is likely to be one of the most politically contentious issues. Overseas evidence suggests that even in countries that rely on nuclear power for a large proportion of their electricity needs, there is a considerable amount of community opposition to the nuclear industry and siting issues are often a source of conflict.

In Australia, half of the population opposes nuclear energy and two thirds say they would oppose a nuclear power plant in their local area. Given this, in order for there to be a thorough and full-blooded debate about nuclear energy, it is necessary to identify the sites that are best suited to nuclear power plants.

Using four primary criteria, 19 locations are identified as the most likely sites for nuclear power plants. Six secondary criteria are then used to identify potential issues at these sites. The selected sites reflect broad geographic areas rather than specific locations.

See also: Who Wants a Nuclear Power Plant: Support for nuclear power in Australia (PDF; 58 KB)



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