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Wednesday, 13th September 2006

The Net Democracy Guide

The Net Democracy Guide
Source: Center for Democracy and Technology

This site - developed with the generous support of the Carnegie Corporation of New York - is intended to make it easy for bloggers and other citizen activists to quickly understand the new campaign finance rules for the Internet, and to encourage all Americans to get politically active online.

The Net Democracy Guide is divided into three key parts. The "Quick Checklist" on the home page briefly identifies a range of very common online political activities. None of these common activities are restricted or burdened by the campaign finance laws, and anyone whose political activities are confined to those described in the Checklist can continue their activities without concern about the law.

But if you are unsure about what you will do online, or if you are (a) organizing a more sophisticated Internet effort, (b) planning to purchase online ads, (c) encouraging others to get active online, or (d) planning to explain the rule to others, we urge you to read the Questions & Answers on specific Internet activities as well. The Q&As explore in more detail the types of activities that are - and are not - covered by the campaign finance rules.

Third, the Q&As link into the Glossary, which contains definitions of key terms, and links to the actual regulations themselves. The Resources & Links page points to a broad range of available resources on politics online, campaign finance laws, and other helpful information.



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